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AANR-Florida Region clubs range from rustic to top-rated. Contact clubs directly for information, or follow the links to those that have their own websites. If you have any questions, please write to us at

Economic Impact Study

AANR-Florida has entered into an agreement with Isla Solutions Consulting to conduct an economic impact study of nude recreation in Florida.

This study will commence on April 1st and is scheduled to be completed by July 30th.  The study will be as inclusive as possible, capturing the impact of clubs, beaches, tourism and clothing optional cruises.  Most of the data gathering will be done with clubs, associated businesses like Bare Necessities and through public records searches.

The two principal consultants on this study are John Heather and Dr. Stan McGahey.  Both are associated with St. Leo's University in Tampa.  John is the founder and senior partner of Isla Solutions Consulting, and Stan is the past Director of International Hospitality and Tourism Management at St. Leo University.  Both have extensive backgrounds in international tourism development and have worked internationally in Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Guam, South Korea, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dr. McGahey is also very familiar with the nudist industry in Pasco County and was a member of a committee established in 2012-2013 to attract increased foreign tourists to Pasco County's clothing optional resorts.  He was also a guest speaker at the AANR Convention hosted by Lake Como in 2013.



Let the Games begin!

What's in a name? What's in a game? What sort of games do you play, and do you consider Bridge and a BBQ cookoff to be a game? Well, AANR does! If you enjoy it and like to do so in the nude, then September 26 - 27, 2015, should be right up your alley.

AANR is asking for all clubs - landed and nonlanded - to sponsor some sort of competition - call it "games" if you will. But this isn't just up to the clubs. If you enjoy a sport, a board game, or some other form of competition, ask your club owner/operator if you can help to sponsor a tournament in your specialty. It will be fun for you and fun for others. Give small prizes to the winners or just a hearty congratulatory slap on the back. It is all in the name of fun anyway.

This packet provides information from AANR regarding this special weekend. Included in the packet are basic instructions and recommendations for making the weekend fun and easy. There are also numerous suggestions for sports, semi-active sports, competitive board and card games, and cooking/hobby competitions from which to draw - and no one club should attempt more than three or four.  

An important part of the event will be promotion and follow through. AANR makes several suggestions in this regard and will assist in promoting each club willing to participate. Encourage your club to participate so that you can be a part of the AANR Nude Games!

You will also find continuing information on the AANR website

Let the Games Begin!


AANR-Florida Meeting Dates

AANR-Florida will hold its Mid-Winter Board Meeting Jan. 29-31 at the Neighborhood Associations of Paradis Lakes. This is the meeting where the budget is set for the coming year.


The annual Convention will be held June 10-12 at Cypress Cove. Elections for new board members will be held. This year there are several key positions open. President, Vice President and three director seats will be up for election. Due to term limits, several incumbents will not be running.