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AANR-Florida Region clubs range from rustic to top-rated. Contact clubs directly for information, or follow the links to those that have their own websites. If you have any questions, please write to us at


Memorial Day


Election of officers will be held during our annual convention at Suwnnee Valley Resort, June 12-14. Expiring this year are three director positions. We are also looking for nominations for vice president.

Nominations for all these positions may be made until the elections at the AANR-Florida Convention. Someone may nominate you, or your may nominate yourself. Qualifications for all candidates include:

In addition to the above requirements/ qualifications, candidates for vice-president must have a minimum of one year's experience as a board member or elected official.

If at this time you do not qualify or feel ready to run for the Board but would like to get involved in some other way, please feel free to contact Ralph Collinson, AANR-Florida President at There are several committees that could use more help. Volunteering or assisting with committees is open to all AANR-Florida members.

Bill Stockwell
Nominations Chair


Economic Impact Study

AANR-Florida has entered into an agreement with Isla Solutions Consulting to conduct an economic impact study of nude recreation in Florida.

This study will commence on April 1st and is scheduled to be completed by July 30th.  The study will be as inclusive as possible, capturing the impact of clubs, beaches, tourism and clothing optional cruises.  Most of the data gathering will be done with clubs, associated businesses like Bare Necessities and through public records searches.

The two principal consultants on this study are John Heather and Dr. Stan McGahey.  Both are associated with St. Leo's University in Tampa.  John is the founder and senior partner of Isla Solutions Consulting, and Stan is the past Director of International Hospitality and Tourism Management at St. Leo University.  Both have extensive backgrounds in international tourism development and have worked internationally in Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Guam, South Korea, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dr. McGahey is also very familiar with the nudist industry in Pasco County and was a member of a committee established in 2012-2013 to attract increased foreign tourists to Pasco County's clothing optional resorts.  He was also a guest speaker at the AANR Convention hosted by Lake Como in 2013.


WANTED:  Hosts for AANR-Florida Region
2016 and 2017 Mid-Winter Board Meetings and Conventions

Are you a non-landed or landed club that is willing to host AANR-Florida’s Mid-Winter board meeting in January of 2016 or 2017?  Or are you a landed club willing to host our convention in June of 2016 or 2017?

YES?  GREAT!!! Please send your application to Jane Gamble. Non-landed clubs can host at a nudist facility or a non-nudist facility. The convention will be held at a nudist facility.

Selecting meeting sites will be an agenda item at our summer convention June 12 - 13 at Suwannee Valley Resort. Please, plan to attend as your participation is key in helping the AANR-Florida board remain a vital organization fighting for nudists' rights.