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Government Affairs Silent Auction Donations Sought

While an AANR membership brings many benefits, AANR’s primary mission is to protect and advance the civil rights of our members to enjoy nude recreation in their homes, clubs and areas of public lands recognized as suitable for nude recreation.

One of the largest sources of the funds that carry out this mission is the Government Affairs Team (GAT) Silent Auction held every year at the AANR Convention.  We ask that you promote your club and help AANR’s Government Affairs program by making a donation.

Donations of visits to AANR clubs are always popular.  However, other donations are also extremely valuable.  Clothing, jewelry, artwork, crafts – whether of a nudist theme or simply unique or beautiful – make wonderful gifts and people gladly bid on donated items for the pleasure of contributing to AANR as well as going home with interest items for themselves or for gifts.  Some of our members make gift baskets of club merchandise, food, wine or other items.  Others find that a search of their closets produce nudist memorabilia that has memories and value to others.  Whatever you wish to contribute will be valuable not only because others can enjoy it, but also because it will support AANR’s important advocacy on behalf of nude recreation.

All auction proceeds go to the Bob Page Memorial Legal Defense Fund; so please help us by donating resort visits, merchandise such as towels, shirts, etc. or any other items you wish to offer.  No item is too small!  Cash donations marked specifically for the Silent Auction are also welcome.  If you would like to send a gift certificate you may e-mail it to, and it will be printed to display at the Auction.

Anyone interested in donating items to the silent auction can download a form that should accompany your gift.  Please send the completed form along with your donation to  Please also copy Florida’s GAT Chair at  If you are mailing your donation, please send it to GAT Silent Auction C/O Sunny Rest Resort, 425 Sunny Rest Dr. Palmerton, PA  18071.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will make a significant difference in our efforts to further nudist civil rights!




Why is it important for us to visit the state capital?  All grass roots efforts to support our nudist/naturist lifestyle are crucial.  It is extremely important right now, with the legislation pending in the Florida House and Senate, to educate our legislators and those supporting these politicians.  Our faces and our votes matter!  We need to “legitimize” ourselves to our elected officials and educate them on the potential impact proposed legislation has on our freedoms.

Why would AANR-Florida support the ABATE of Florida, Inc. “Ride to the Capital”?  Many nudists are also bikers.  Last year around twenty nudists “unofficially” gathered and rode along with ABATE of Florida, Inc. sporting their “We are nudists and we vote!” buttons.  Additionally, ABATE nationally has done and exceptional job of grass roots efforts to support their rights, keep government interference to a minimum and let bikers enjoy their freedoms.  They understand the process.

Why not another event or another activity to raise awareness?  This is just a first step; we are in an election year, and all grass roots events and opportunities are important.  These politicians DO listen; their aides and assistants understand and can make things happen.  We have to put a name, a face, a value, a VOTE to nudism/naturism.   Education and awareness are just parts of our approach.


One of the most effective ways to protect our rights is to let our representatives know exactly who we are, what we believe in and that we VOTE.  On April 14, 2014, join us to support ABATE of Florida, Inc. in their “Ride to Tallahassee”.

Every year, ABATE of Florida, Inc. organizes a ride to the capital to speak with legislators about matters of importance to motorcyclists.  This year, AANR-Florida is organizing bikers who are also nudists to ride along in support of ABATE Florida, Inc.’s agenda while also reminding our Florida legislators that WE ARE NUDIST AND WE VOTE.

This is an excellent opportunity to support and help protect your rights as both a motorcyclist and a nudist.  It is critical to let our representatives know what a diverse, large and important constituency the nudist community is.  We will be meeting with our legislators to speak with them about matters that affect us all.  Talking points and an agenda will be developed and dispersed.  Information about your legislators and districts is important for you to know as we will be scheduling appointments with them.  In light of the continuing battles here in Florida with legislation that will affect us as nudists, there is no better time to be heard!

We will be leaving from Suwannee Valley Resort (SVR) – – and joining ABATE of Florida, Inc. at the Monticello KOA.  The ride from Monticello is scheduled to depart at 9:00 a.m.  SVR will be offering special discounts for those of you who want to come in the night before and ride along to Monticello from there.