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AANR Florida Convention

This year’s AANR-Florida convention was truly a summer celebration!  Lake Como went over the top by hosting our convention in conjunction with their annual Corn Fest.  The club’s staff and volunteers exceeded expectations, and the hospitality was unprecedented.  Hundreds of people came out to enjoy fresh Florida corn and the weekend.  The food, the amenities, the entertainment, the activities and the people were all exceptional.  We would like to thank the entire Lake Como staff and its volunteers for hosting this event, and AANR Florida looks forward to joining you again soon.

The convention began with one of the best attended Meet ‘n Greets in recent history.  Thank you to Lake Como (again) – the food was incredible.  Bill Schoer, AANR’s new executive director, spoke passionately about AANR, its vision and the future of the organization.  Thank you, Bill, for giving us your time.

A special thank you goes to all our guests, clubs and members that attended.  We had a great representation from our clubs at this event, and it is the highlight of the convention to get an opportunity to talk with and get to know you all.  We were honored at this event to host such AANR dignitaries as Jack and Sally Dupree and Walt and Tory Zadanoff and thank you all again for a great event.

At the Regional Assembly this year, over 94% of AANR-Florida’s members were represented.  Thank you to all the clubs who attended.  Your participation is crucial to our success, and we especially want to thank those of you who joined in our Club Forum.  This was a great opportunity to hear your thoughts and ideas, and we will work on expanding this in the future.

This year, we welcomed two new directors to the AANR-Florida Board of Directors.  We are very excited with the enthusiasm they bring to our board.  We know they will bring a lot to the table, and we are looking forward to working with them to further Florida’s role as one of the most active regions and sustaiomgn our leadership in nude recreation throughout the country.  Jane comes from Neighborhood Association of Paradise Lakes (NAPL) and lives in Pasco County – the “nudist capital of the world.”  Jonathan is an Associate member who resides in South Florida.  We are pleased to have a director on the board from that area of the state.

A very special thank you to our very special guests for this convention.  John Waldron, from Florida Outdoor Recreation Coalition, spoke to us about the importance of mainstreaming nudism.  Joan Harris spoke about Women In Nude Recreation (WINR).  Nelson Jones of Friends of Blind Creek Beach and Richard and Shirley Mason of South Florida Free Beaches joined Ralph Collinson in a forum on the current nude beach (Haulover) and efforts to secure additional ones in our region.  The Jacksonville Beach effort, Blind Creek Beach, our own Hickory Preserve efforts and an update on Haulover Beach and the Celebrated Nude event being planned for 2015 by Richard and Shirley were all discussed.
Ramon Maury, our lobbyist, also joined us to discuss the importance of our individual and community efforts at a grass roots level and the challenges facing our nudist community in the upcoming legislative sessions.

This year, a new event was added to the activities – Nude Jeopardy!  Special thanks to the nudist community’s own “lex Trebek”...Michael Kush; we enjoyed the great and thought-provoking questions about nudism and naturism.  Three teams competed to be the Nude Jeopardy champions – the Crossed Oaks Haven team, the men’s team and the ladies from NAPL.  Despite efforts by the men to “cheat”, the NAPL women dominated and took home the Nude Jeopardy championship.  Thank you to all who participated; this was a really fun event!

Donations from Cypress Cove, Suwannee Valley, Lake Como, the AANR Office, several other clubs and vendors were raffled off, with the proceeds donated to the Lopez Veterans Nursing Home.  Thank you to Margaret Young, Paul Brown, Mike Kush, all of our donors and participants who helped make this a successful raffle for the benefit of the men and women of the local veterans nursing home.

Also thank you to all who assisted (Paul, Christine and Betsy) with manning the AANR-Florida booth.  And finally, Christine Collinson, thank you for hosting a bird walk and to all those who joined the adventure.