President's Corner

by Jim Wulchak, AANR-Florida President

As I was packing up my camper this past weekend as our Summer camping season at Cypress Cove Resort came to an end, I was reminded how fortunate we are in Florida, unlike our Northern counterparts, to have the full year available for nude recreation! From our outstanding AANR resorts and clubs to our pristine beaches, we have a lot to be thankful for in Florida.  AND, a lot to protect and preserve (and maybe even expand).
To that end, elsewhere in this edition, Ramon Maury, our excellent and dedicated lobbyist, has analyzed some of the candidates running for office this year. In past sessions, Ramon identified legislative leaders who listened to our organization, considered the negative effects certain pieces of legislation would have on our rights as nudists and helped to defeat the legislation. While term limits have caused the loss of many of our supporters in public office this year, Ramon has listed some that he has identified as being potentially supportive of our cause, or, at least, "not opposed." While not to be viewed as an absolute endorsement, I urge you to consider these candidates who may have our backs if elected. You, as the constituent for these candidates and elected officials, are the most important voice we have in convincing them to support our cause and to not infringe upon our rights as social nudists. Talk to them, educate them, and be prepared to lobby them if the need arises in their consideration of laws and regulations.  Together, we can protect our rights.
In other news, last week I attended a meeting of Visit Florida, the official tourism marketing organization for the state of Florida. We are a business partner of Visit Florida, and through them, distribute and display our AANR-Florida brochures at all of Florida's Welcome Centers. That brochure educates the tourist about our organization and lists all of our state's AANR resorts and clubs (both landed and non-landed). It is a great tool to inform the public of nude recreation and to help draw visitors and residents alike to our clubs. As a former business and marketing major in college (a long, l-o-n-g 42 years ago!), I was excited to learn of many more opportunities that Visit Florida provides and of which I hope that we can take advantage in order to further market our resorts, clubs, and beaches and educate the public about the benefits and joy of nude recreation in our state.
And lastly, I am sad to announce the resignations from our AANR-FL Board Directors John Schlinz and Jane Gamble. John took over the Webmaster duties for us in June and Jane was the editor of this e-Frog publication.  We will sorely miss their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of nude recreation, thank them for their years of service, and wish them well in their future endeavors. In the next breath, however, I am pleased to announce that two excellent candidates, Angie Hindle and Marv Frandsen, have stepped up and have been elected by the Board to take their places. Marv has volunteered to take over the webmaster duties, including Facebook and Twitter, while Angie will be the new editor of the e-Frog. I am excited to be working with them and welcome their energy and dedication. Stay tuned to the next edition of the e-Frog where we will publish a brief biography of our newest directors so that you may get to know them.
And, finally (!!), I thank you, our ANNR-FL members, for keeping informed of the issues facing our cause and for your continued support. Enjoy our endless summer!
Warmest regards (Naturally!),
Jim Wulchak
AANR-FL President.